One year later...

... and quite a lot has changed. I thought of coming back to this blog many times but the circumstances of life spoke louder than blog posts. I like to think I'm back now, back on full (or almost full) creation mode! I intend to keep it that way.
Since last year, I fell in love with ceramics and learnt how to throw pots of clay, I realised how good it feels to make some knots with soft cotton cords and putting them together to form patterns that come together as beautiful pieces.
I am more serious than ever about creating my work as more than just a hobby... I also feel that this is getting closer and closer... I can only hope! In the meantime, I leave here a few photos of some of the macrame wall hangings I've been making. And yes, I really must start taking proper pictures!

Just a reminder, you can find me on instagram on @artitrapo_studio and on facebook on @Artitrapo

See you soon!! xx


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