I would love to...

... make my own clothes!
This is something I've always wanted since I can remember. Probably started from seeing how quickly my mother would make her own beautiful clothes. Seriously, sometimes she would stay up all night and in the morning had a new dress or coat or whatever she had picked that day from the massive collection of burda magazines we had back home.
 I remember thinking how well finished all these clothes looked, so much better than the ones from the shop! I definitely had to have that as well! As a child I always said that I would study to become a fashion designer and would imagine hundreds of dresses, shorts, trousers and would sketch them on every paper I could find around the house. "I'll make them someday" I would think. Kept piles and piles of them but none has actually left the paper...
Years went by and I went on to become an architect instead... My passion for creative handmade stuff has stayed with me though! When I got my first job as an architect, 8 hours of my day were spent in an office but as soon as I got home I would make bags and dolls to sell on line and in local markets. Time consuming but I loved it! Like my mother, I could stay up all night just because I had just bought this amazing fabric that NEEDED to be turned into a handbag immediately! :)

This stopped for a while after I moved to England, but I've always known it would come back sooner or later. These days I cannot imagine a day without creating something it's even slightly addictive.

I am still trying to teach myself the arts of making clothes and I know I'll get there, slowly but I will. Thanks mostly to charity shops, my dressmaking library is growing - and you would not believe how amazing these old books are! I've also bought quite a few vintage sewing patterns that I (really) intend to use at some point in my life. Hopefully soon!

For now I'll just stick to making simple things, like aprons for example... They're good for practice anyway. I finished this one (my second so far) earlier today and I'm really happy with how it turned out!


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