What's wrong with blogger?...

Right, I was going to upload a few photos showing what I've been up with the crochet hook over the last few days, but for some reason blogger does not seem to want me upload them!
So, if there were photos you'd be able to see 4 coasters that I made as a present for someone special and a lovely pink vintage crochet collar.

Also, I was going to show you my new labels. I've designed them to go with all my homemade presents (again, another photo that I should have uploaded today...). Can't wait to send my next present :)

To conclude today's boring post, a quick word about my new project (still very early days!), a quilt bed cover. I have been wanting to do this for years but always thought it was something incredibly difficult. Guess what, it's actually quite simple and I'm looking forward to seeing my bed covered with bits of pretty fabrics and lots of colours!


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