Hard work, but worth it!

Still playing with empty cat food packaging... Oh, just to make things clear, I do wash everything thoroughly before I use them to make bags and the rest :)

I love the result but it took me roughly 4 hours to finish the whole thing... Next time I'll probably skip a few unnecessary steps so that I can use time more efficiently.
Can't wait to show it off to my friends tomorrow!

On a diferent note - and this is very exciting! - I was asked if I was interested in selling my work in a local market. It's great, but it means I've got quite a lot to do if I actually want to sell something!


  1. Ando a ficar com vontade de experimentar, depois de ver estes teus belos trabalhos ;)

    1. Pois, eu 'as vezes tambem vejo coisas que me fazem querer deitar maos 'a obra :) Eu tenho visto que ja' te ajeitas com a maquina de costura :)


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