Hello again and good morning!

It's been ages since my last post! Although I have to say that blogging is not my favourite activity - or at least not my first choice in terms of putting images and thought up on the web - I do like to come back from time to time. However, I keep postponing time and time again thinking that it will take me too long to write up and format a proper post... It certainly does when compared to Instagram for example. This one by the way, I use like an addict! Ohh, it's so easy to get your phone out and snap a photo or two and immediately afterwards press 'share', isn't it? :)

Anyway, the truth is that I have actually been a bit busy lately... Between trying to finish a PhD in just a few months and all the crafts projects there is very little time left for anything else. The former is especially quite tricky... Oh, and then comes looking for jobs, maybe move house again... Oh no... Let's focus on the positive things for now!

With regards to the crafty side of me (probably my favourite), my hands have been feeling the need of starting to produce lots and lots of pretty things! Christmas is so close and I have so many ideas :)
(Note to self: Must improve my time management skills! Oh, and make sure that writing up the thesis always comes FIRST! :) )

As a test to my new camera, I shall leave you today with a photo of my breakfast. I had read somewhere before that a good camera and therefore good photos, make all the difference when displaying your handmade beauties online, and that is absolutely true. Ok, today is just a closeup of an avocado, but do expect lovely photos of my crafts from now on :)


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